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Do you have a process in place to attract and hire the best candidates?
Do you ever wish you'd known more about the employees before you hired them?
Are your employees working at their full potential?
Could your staff improve with a better understanding of themselves and what makes them tick?

Do you have new employees that need to hit the ground running?
Do you want your new employees to adjust as fast as possible to a new location?
Are you having to release employees?
Do you need to provide current or former employees with external support?
Do you want to help current or former employees make a successful career transition?

can help!

Every company and every client is unique. With Interactive Transitions we'll work out a plan that meets the needs of your organization. Delivery will be on a customized schedule that allows for continued productivity of your staff while increasing their knowledge, skills, and maximizing their abilities. Every workshop is tailored to your organization and your employees. Choose from options including

Interview Training for Managers
Employee Engagement
Career Development Workshops
Team Building Workshops
School/University Workshops
Outplacement Services

Working with Interactive Transitions will allow your company to focus on your core business while taking advantage of the experience of a professional that specializes in these areas.

Delivery of services are determined by the needs of your organization and your employees. Service delivery can be made through face to face or group sessions, over the phone, or through video chat.

Interactive Transitions is located in Suva, Fiji.